ISBN ID Book Title  Author Name Book Price [Rs] Category of the Book
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8121509041 Indian Art: Forms, Concerns and Development in Historical Perspective: ed. Dy. 4t. 414p. With 88 four-colour ills. And 148 b&w ills. 2000 (Vol. VI, Part 3 History of Science Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization Gen. Ed. D.P. Chattopadhyaya) B.N. Goswamy in association with Kavita Singh 2600 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
8121502977 Indian Costume, Coiffure and Ornament: Cn. 4t. 232p. With 155 b&w ills. 1975 Sachidanand Sahay 350 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
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8121500818 Indian Symbolism: Symbols as source of our customers and beliefs with a foreword by R.P. Tripathi Dy. 4t. 144p. With 382 line drawings 1996 Rai Govinda Chandra 600 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
8121503914 Indian Temple Styles: The Personality of Hindu architecture Cn. 4t. 196p. With 50 b&w ills. And 4 ,aps 1972 K.V. Soundara Rajan 350 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
8121503892 Introduction to Indian Art: Ro. 116p. With 44 b&w ills. 1999 Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 250 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
8121508045 The Issues in East Indian Archaeology: Dy. 160p. 1998 Dilip K. Chakrabarti 275 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
0000000016 Khajuraho:  with a historical introduction by Jeannine Auboyer Dy. 4t. 227p. With 145 b&w ills. 1960 Eliky Zannas 4000 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
0000000017 The Koh-i-noor Diamond: The History and the Legend: Dy. 4t. 160p. With 66 colour and b&w ills. 1981 Stephen Howarth 750 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
8121508134 Mahabodhi or the Great Buddhist Temple under the Bodhi Tree at Buddha-Gaya: Dy. 4t. 97p. With 31 b&w ills. 1998 Alexander Cunningham 750 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
8121510546 Feminist Thought. Androcentrism, Communication and Objectivity, 2002 Shefali Moitra 250 RELnPHIL/PHILofSCI
8121507014 Manasara Series: Vol. I: A Dictionary of Hindu Architecture: Treating of Sanskrit architecture terms with illustrative quotation from Silpasastras, general literature and archaeological records Ro. 884p. 1995 Prasanna Kumar Acharya 750 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
8121507197 Manasara Series: Vol. II: Indian Architecture According to Mansara-Silpasastra Ro. 278p. 1996 Prasanna Kumar Acharya 300 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
8121507049 Manasara Series: Vol. III: Manasara on Architecture and Sculpture: Sanskrit text with Critical notes Ro. 856p. 1995 Prasanna Kumar Acharya 750 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
812150662X Manasara Series: Vol. IV: Architecture of Manasara: Translated from Original Sanskrit Ro. 854p. 1994 Prasanna Kumar Acharya 750 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
8121507030 Manasara Series: Vol. V: Architecture of Manasara: Illustrations of architectural and sculptural objects with synopsis Ro. 879p. With 135 architectural and Sculptural plates including 10 in colour 1995 Prasanna Kumar Acharya 850 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
8121507324 Manasara Series: Vol. VI: Hindu Architecture in India and Abroad: Ro. 543p. With 80 b&w ills. And 5 maps. 1996 Prasanna Kumar Acharya 600 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
8121505801 Manasara Series: Vol. VII: An Encyclopaedia of Hindu Architecture Ro. 736p. With various plans and line drawings 1993 Prasanna Kumar Acharya 600 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121501423 Mithuna: The Male-Female Symbol in Indian Art and Thought: Dy. 4t. 140p. With 223 b&w and 18 four-colour ills 1983 Prithvi Kumar Agarwal 600 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
8121504368 Motifs in Indian Mythology: Their Greek and Other Parallels: Ro. 268p. 1981 Udai Prakash Arora 250 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
0000000018 Mughal and Other Indian Paintings: From the Chester Beatty Library 2 vols. Dy. 4t. 1200p. With over 650 b&w and coloured ills. 1995 Linda York Leach 12165 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
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8121509068 Phantasmic Anatomy of the Statues of Mathura: Cn. 4t. 144p. With 154 line figs. 4 col. And 16 b&w ills. 1999 Sandrine Gill 450 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
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8121502772 Prehistory of India: Dy. 224p. With 144 line drawings and b&w ills. 1977 H.D. Sankalia 200 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
0000000019 The Queen's Stepwell at Patan: Dy. 4t. 268p. With 211 colour and b&w ills. 26 plans 1991 Kirit Mankodi 1800 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
8121507308 Coins of medieval India: From the seventh century down to the Mohammadan conquests: Dy. 114p. With 11 coin plates and 1 map 2001(Rs. 200) Alexander Cunningham 200 NUMESnEPIG
0000000021 Realms of Heroism: Indian Paintings at the Brooklyn Museum Dy. 4t. 352p. With 77 colour and 297 b&w ills. 1973 Amy G. Poster 3855 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI
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0000000023 Reminiscences. The French in India: Dy. 4t. 144p. With 158 ills. 1997 INTACH 1200 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121500826 The Rgvedic Deities and Their Iconic Forms: Dy. 4t. 242p. With 37 b&w ills. 1990 Jyotsna Chawla 600 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121505690 The Script of Harappa and Mohenjodaro and its Connections with other scripts: Ro. 242p. With 4 charts and 37 line drawings plates 1993 G.R. Hunter with an intro by S.Langdon 400 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121506646 The "Scythian" Period: An approach to the History, art, epigraphy and palaegraphy of North India from the 1st Century BC to the 3rd century AD Cn. 4t. 449p. With 45 b&w ills. 1995 J.E. van Lohuizen-De-Leeuw 900 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121502322 A Source-book of Indian Archaeology: ed. Vol. I: Background, Early Methods, Geography, Climate and Early Man, Domestication of Plants and Animals: Ro. 364p. With over 100 ills. 1979 F.R. Allchin and Dilip K. Chakrabarti 350 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121504651 A Source-book of Indian Archaeology: ed. Vol. II: Settlements, Technology and Trade: Ro. 716p. With 99 ills. 1997 F.R. Allchin and Dilip K. Chakrabarti 1200 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121510163 A Source-book of Indian Archaeology: ed. Vol. III: Scripts, Languages and Inscriptions Coins, Architecture and Sculpture: Ro. 356p. With ills 2001 F.R. Allchin and Dilip K. Chakrabarti 900 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
0000000025 South Asian Archaeology 1985: ed. Papers from the Eighth International Conference of South Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe, held at Moesgaard Museum Denmark 1-5 July 1985 Dy. 4t. 496p. With line drawings 1990 Karen Frifelt and Per Sorensen 4866 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
0000000026 Sri Nagabhinandanam Dr. M.S. Nagaraja Rao Festschift: Essays on art, culture, history, archaeology, epigraphy and conservation of cultural property of India and neighbouring countries 2 vols. Dy. 4t. 900p. With numerous b&w ills. 1995 L.K. Srinivasan and S. Nagaraju 4800 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121505992 Studies in Early Buddhist Architecture of India: Cn. 4t. 128p. With 23 b&w ills. And 1 plan 1993 H. Sarkar 250 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121502888 A Survey of Indian Sculpture : Cn. 4t. 256p. With 181 b&w ills. 1975 S.K. Saraswati 300 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8170691265 A Survey of Painting in the Deccan: Dy. 4t. 248p. With 24 b&w ills. 1983 Stella Kramrisch 600 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121504325 Tantra Yoga: Cn. 4t. 135p. With 66 four-colour ills. 1971 Nik Douglas 200 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
0000000027 Le Temple D'Angkor Vat: Memoires Archeologiques Publies Par L'Ecole Francaise D'Extreme-Orient. Tome II 1929-32 Reprint 1995 3 bindings. Price for the 3 bindings given. Binding 1, Binding 2 and Binding 3 Louis Fenot 18130 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121506662 Temple Gateways in South India: The architecture and Iconography of the Cidambaram gopuras Cn. 4t. 217p. With 181 ills. 1995 James C. Harle 750 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121504376 Temples of Telingana: The Architecture, Iconography and Sculpture of the Calukya and Kakatiya temples Dy. 4t. 332p. With 142 b&w ills. 1972 M. Radhakrishna Sharma 600 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121504435 Theoretical Issues in Indian Archaeology : Ro. 160p. 1989 Dilip K. Chakrabarti 200 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121507707 Tibetan Religious Art: Cn. 4t. 120p. With 41 b&w and 2 colour ills. 1997 Antoinette K. Gordon 525 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121503256 The Transformation of Nature in Art: Dy. 254p. 1974 Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 175 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121508819 Two Lamaistic Pantheons: From materials collected by the late Baron A. Von Stael-Holstein, ed. With Introduction and Indexes 2 vols., Ro. 193p. (text) 318p. (plates) 1999 (for the set) Walter Eugene Clark 1500 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
0000000031 The Vakatakas: An essay in Hindu Iconography 1997 225p. With 46 plates and 4 maps H.T. Bakker 3914 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121506115 Vastu-Sastra: Vol. I: Hindu Science of architecture: (Engineering, town planning, civil architecture, palace architecture, temple architecture and an anthology of Vastu-laksanas). Ro. 848p. 1998 D.N. Shukla 750 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121506123 Vastu-Sastra: Vol. II: Hindu Canons of Iconography and Painting: With an anthology of Pratima-Laksana and Citra-laksana as well as an outline history of Indian Painting, archaeological and literary Ro. 880p. 1996 D.N. Shukla 750 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121502659 Visvakarma: Hindu examples of Indian architecture, sculpture, painting, handicraft. First Series: One hundred examples of Indian sculpture with an introduction by Eric Gill 1978 Dy. 4t. 36p. With 103 b&w ills. Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 300 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
0000000032 Wall Paintings from Ancient Shrines in Central Asia: Big size 162p. With 32 coloured and b&w ills. 1998 Sir Aurel Stein(Recovered by) Fred. H. Andrews (D) 9065 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121506905 Water Conduits in the Kathmandu Valley: 11"x17" 119p. With 8 maps, 47 line drawings,116 b&w ills. And 3 tables and a portfolio containing 27 architectural drawings 1995 Raimund O.A. Becker-Ritterspach 1800 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121502306 Yaksas: 2 parts (bd. In 1) Part 1, with 55 b&w ills. And part II, with 94 line drawings and 65 b&w ills. Cn. 4t. 136p. 2001 Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 850 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121502039 Yaksha Cult and Iconography: Dy. 4t. 210p. With 90 b&w ills. 1981 R.N. Misra 550 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121510325 The Wishing Tree: The Presence and Promise of India: Dy. 119p. 2001 Subhash Kak 225 HIST,CULnPOL  
812150547x The Autobiography of an Indian Monk: (PB) with an intro by W.B. Yeats and ed. With an essay on the author by Vinod Sena Dy. 198p. With 9 b&w ills. 1992 Shri Purohit Swami 150 BellesLettres  
8121504384 Friends of India-Biographical Profiles: Dy. 196p. With 15 ills. 1973 O.P. Jaggi 150 BellesLettres  
812150161X From Rome to Moscow. The Memories  of an Olympic Trap Shooter: Ro. 352p. With 51 ills. 1982 Karni Singh of Bikaner 300 BellesLettres  
8121501830 Hazrat Inayat Khan: A Biography: Dy. 202p. With Photographs 1981 Elisabeth De Keesing 150 BellesLettres  
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8121502993 Mirza Ghalib: The Poet of the Poets: Dy. 242p. 1976 Saraswati Saran 175 BellesLettres  
8121501318 Bharatkosa: A dictionary of technical terms with definitions collected from the works on music dramaturgy by Bharata and others in Sanskrit Dy. 4t. 1016p. 1998 M. Ramakrishna Kavi 1200 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND  
8121505348 Bhota-Prakasa: A Tibetan chrestomathy with intro., skeleton grammar, notes, texts and vocabularies Dy. 638p. 1991 Vidhushekhara Bhattacharya 425 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND  
8121509424 A Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology and Religion, Geography, History and Literature: Dy. 431p. 2000 (PB) John Dowson 295 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND  
8170690099 A Classical Dictionary of India: Dy. 963p. 1986 John Garren 400 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND  
8121507111 A Comprehensive Persian-English Dictionary: Including the Arabic words and phrases to be met within Persian literature being Johnson and Richardson's Persian,Arabic and English Dictionary,rev.enl. And entirely reconstructed Cn.4t. 1548p. 2000 F. Steingass 800 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND  
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8121507065 Dictionary of Islam: Being a cyclopaedia of the doctrines, rites, ceremonies and customs, together with the technical and theological terms of the Muhammadan religion Ro. 760p. 1999 Thomas Patrick Hughes 650 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND  
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8121503787 A Glossary of Judicial and Revenue Terms: And of the useful words occuring in official documents relating to the administration of the Government of British India from the Arabic,Persia,Hindustani,Sanskrit,Hindi,Bengali and other languages Dy.4t.760p.1997 H.H. Wilson 1000 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND  
8121504678 A Grammatical Dictionary of Sanskrit (Vedic) I-Phonetics: With complete index to Wackernagel's Altindische Grammatik and Macdonell's Vedic Grammar Ro. 302p. 1996 Surya Kanta 450 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND  
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8121507626 Index to History of Dharmasastra by Pandurang Vaman Kane: Comprehensive Guide to Hindu Rites and Rituals Dy. 295p. 1997 Krishan Lal Khera 325 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND  
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8121507952 A Multi-Dimensional Glossary of Official Language: (For the use of Banking,Insurance and Railways) Dy. 202p. 1998 Shriram Mehrotra 325 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND  
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8121507146 A Tibetan-English Dictionary: With special reference to the prevailing dialects to which is added An English-Tibetan Dictionary 1998 Dy. 693p. H.A. Jaschke 400 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND  
8121502640 Uddhara-Kosa of Dakshinamurti: A dictionary of the secret tantric syllabic code, text, intro., appendices and exegetical notes Ro. 160p. 1978 Raghuvira and Shodo Taki 250 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND  
8121500508 Agrarian Structure in Central India and the Northern Deccan: A study in Vakataka inscriptions Dy. 146p. With 5 maps. 1987 Krishna Mohan Shrimali 175 ECON  
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8121507758 Bombay in the Days of Queen Anne: Being an account of the settlement and Burnell's Narrative of his Adventures in Bengal Dy. 224p. With 3 maps 1997 John Burnell 400 GEO,TRAVnVOY  
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8121506301 A New Approach to the Vedas: An essay in translation and exegesis Dy. 126p. 1994 Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 125 HINDUISM  
8121507944 Nimbarka: A pre-Samkara vedantin and his philosophy Dy. 403p. 1997 Joseph Satyanand 300 HINDUISM  
8170690501 Origin and Development of the Samkhya System of Thought: Ro. 358p. 1967 Pulinbehari Chakravarti 250 HINDUISM  
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8121500303 An Outline of Madhava Philosophy: Dy. 241p. 1986 K. Narain 225 HINDUISM  
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8121502438 The Philosophy of Tulsidas: Dy. 390p. 1979 Ramdat Bharadwaj 250 HINDUISM  
8170691044 The Philosophy of the Upanishads: Dy. 444p. 1979 Paul Deussen 200 HINDUISM  
8121504066 The Philosophy of Vallabhacharya: 1967 Dy. 360p. Mridula I. Marfatia 200 HINDUISM  
8121508096 The Philosophy of the Vedantasutra: A study based on the evaluation of the commentaries of Samkara, Ramanuja and Madhva Dy. 227p. 1998 S.M. Srinivas Chari 300 HINDUISM  
8121507219 Primal Spirituality of the Vedas: Its Renewal and Renaissance: Dy. 240p. 1996 R. Balasubramanian 260 HINDUISM  
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8170690528 Religious Thought and Life in India: Vedism, Brahmanism and Hinduism Dy. 532p. 1975 M. Monier-Williams 250 HINDUISM  
8170690188 The Rites of the Twice Born: Dy. 498p. 1971 Sinclair Stevenson 250 HINDUISM  
8121506187 Saivism and the Phallic World: 2 vols. Ro. 1120p. With b&w ills. 1993 B. Bhattacharya 1200 HINDUISM  
8121503019 Saivism Through the Ages: Dy. 194p. 1975 Rabindra Kumar Siddhantashastree 150 HINDUISM  
8121507820 The Saktas: An introductory and comparative study Cn. 165p. 1997 Ernest A. Payne 175 HINDUISM  
8121508894 The Secret of the Three Cities: An introduction to Hindu sakta tantrism Ro. 328p. 1999 Douglas Renfrew Brooks 450 HINDUISM  
8121500079 Shankara's Universal Philosophy of Religion: Dy. 172p. 1987 Y. Masih 150 HINDUISM  
8121500443 Slaves of the Lord: The Path of the Tamil saints Cn. 4t. 218p. With 87 b&w ills. 2002 Vidya Dehejia 600 HINDUISM  
8121507294 Specific Principles of Kashmir Saivism: Dy. 224p. 1997 B.N. Pandit 350 HINDUISM  
8121500362 Srimadbhagavatam: A Concise Narrative: trans. From Bengali into English by Amalendu Sen Dy. 242p. 1987 Gunada Charan 150 HINDUISM  
0000000102 Sri Navadvipa Dhama and Jagannatha Puri: (Jada Bharata Dasa) A practical guide Dy. 303p. John Howley 300 HINDUISM  
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8121504821 A Survey of Hinduism: Ro. 665p. Illd. 1990 Klaus K. Klostermaier 450 HINDUISM  
0000000103 The System of Five Chakras in Kubjikamatatantra 14-16: 338p. 1994 D. Heilijgers-Seelen 2163 HINDUISM  
8170690544 The System of Vedantic Thought and Culture: Dy. 342p. 1975 Mahendranath Sircar 200 HINDUISM  
8121505887 The Tradition of Advaita: ed. Essays in honour of Bhasyabhavajna V.Y. Kalyanasundara Sastri Dy. 272p. 1994 R. Balasubramanian 275 HINDUISM  
8121508738 Upanisads Retold: Vol. I: Isavasyopanisad, Prasnopanisad, Brhadaranyakopanisad Dy. 412p. 1999 (Cloth) V.H. Date 350 HINDUISM  
8121508746 Upanisads Retold: Vol. I: Isavasyopanisad, Prasnopanisad, Brhadaranyakopanisad Dy. 412p. 1999 (PB) V.H. Date 275 HINDUISM  
8121508754 Upanisads Retold: Vol. II: Chandogyopanisad, Mandukyopanisad, Aitareyopanisad, Taittiriyopanisad, Svetasvataropanisad, Kausitakyopanisad, Maitri Upanisad, Jabalopanisad: Dy. 424p. 1999 (CB) V.H. Date 350 HINDUISM  
8121508940 Upanisads Retold: Vol. II: Chandogyopanisad, Mandukyopanisad, Aitareyopanisad, Taittiriyopanisad, Svetasvataropanisad, Kausitakyopanisad, Maitri Upanisad, Jabalopanisad: Dy. 424p. 1999 (PB) V.H. Date 275 HINDUISM  
8170690609 The Vaisheshika Aphorisms of Kanada: with comments from the Upasakara, of Sankara Misra and the Vivritti of Jaya Narayana Tarkapanchana, trans. Into English Dy. 318p. 1976 Archibald Edward Gough 200 HINDUISM  
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8121500710 Vaisnavism Through the Ages: Dy. 208p. 1985 Rabindra Kumar Siddhantashastree 175 HINDUISM  
8121503337 Vedanta Explained: Samkara's commentary on the Brahma Sutras, with new light on the philosophy of Samkara 2 vols. Dy. 960p. 1973 V.H. Date 600 HINDUISM  
8121500907 The Vedantasutras: trans. Into English with the Sribhasya of Ramanujacarya (This work is complete in 3 volumes) (For the set) M. Rangacharya and M.B. Varadaraja Aiyangar 1250 HINDUISM  
8121500915 The Vedantasutras: trans. Into English with the Sribhasya of Ramanujacarya: Vol. I: Dy. 413p. 2002 M. Rangacharya and M.B. Varadaraja Aiyangar 350 HINDUISM  
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8170691079 The Vedants-Sutras of Badarayana: with the commentary of Baladeva Dy. 900p. 1979 Srisa Chandra Vasu 400 HINDUISM  
0000000104 Vedic Concept of Yoga Meditation: Cn. 4t. 108p. 1982 Devendra Kumar Kapoor 150 HINDUISM  
8121509491 Vedic Mythology: Cn. 197p. A.A. Macdonell 275 HINDUISM  
0000000105 Vedic Numerology: A treatise on Hindu astronomy Ro. 377p. 1997 G.V. Chaudhary 200 HINDUISM  
8121506549 Vicharsagar: The metaphysics of the Upanisads Dy. 448p. 1994 Lala Shree Ram 425 HINDUISM  
812150287X Visnuism and Sivaism: A Comparison: Dy. 290p. 1996 J. Gonda 225 HINDUISM  
0000000106 Vrindavana and Braja Mandala: (Jada Bharata Dasa) A practical guide Dy. 480p. John Howley 500 HINDUISM  
8121506654 The Way of Love: The Bhagavata doctrine of bhakti: Dy. 248p. 1996 Subhash Anand 325 HINDUISM  
8121509688 The World of Tantra: Dy. 490p. 2000 (PB) B. Bhattacharya 350 HINDUISM  
8121503248 The Yoga of the Saints: Analysis of spiritual life Dy. 272p. Rev. and enl. Edn. 1974 V.H. Date 150 HINDUISM  
8121509084 Yogasutrabhasyavivarana of Sankara: Text with English trans. And critical notes alongwith text and translation of Patanjali's Yogasutras and Vyasabhasya 2 vols. Ro. 660p. 2001 (for the set) T.S. Rukmani 1400 HINDUISM  
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8121509173 Yogasutrabhasyavivarana of Sankara: Text with English trans. And critical notes alongwith text and translation of Patanjali's Yogasutras and Vyasabhasya: Vol. II: Vibhutipada and Kaivalyapada: Ro. 242p. T.S. Rukmani 550 HINDUISM  
8121500567 Yogavarttika of Vijnanabhiksu: Text with English trans. And critical notes alongwith the text and English trans. Of the Patanjala Yogasutras and Vyasabhasya (for the set) T.S. Rukmani 1250 HINDUISM  
8121500737 Yogavarttika of Vijnanabhiksu: Text with English trans. And critical notes alongwith the text and English trans. Of the Patanjala Yogasutras and Vyasabhasya: Vol. I: Samadhipada Ro. 294p. 1981 T.S. Rukmani 200 HINDUISM  
8121500745 Yogavarttika of Vijnanabhiksu: Text with English trans. And critical notes alongwith the text and English trans. Of the Patanjala Yogasutras and Vyasabhasya Vol. II: Sadhanapada Ro. 286p. 2001 T.S. Rukmani 350 HINDUISM  
8121500575 Yogavarttika of Vijnanabhiksu: Text with English trans. And critical notes alongwith the text and English trans. Of the Patanjala Yogasutras and Vyasabhasya Vol. III: Vibhutipada: Ro. 240p. 1998 T.S. Rukmani 350 HINDUISM  
8121504554 Yogavarttika of Vijnanabhiksu: Text with English trans. And critical notes alongwith the text and English trans. Of the Patanjala Yogasutras and Vyasabhasya Vol. IV: Kaivalyapada Ro. 227p. 1999 T.S. Rukmani 350 HINDUISM  
0000000107 Biography of Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan: Ro. 628p. 1979 Staff Members of the Nekbakht Foundation 1850 ISL  
8121506948 History of the Islamic Peoples: tr. By Joel Carmichael and Moshe Perimann Dy. 600p. With 8 maps 1995 Carl Brockelmann 500 ISL  
8121500389 A History of Sufism in India: (for the set) Saiyid Athar Abbas Rizvi 1200 ISL  
8121500397 A History of Sufism in India: Vol. I: Early Sufism and Its History: Ro. 480p. With 2 col. Ills. And 2 maps 1997 Saiyid Athar Abbas Rizvi 600 ISL  
8121500400 A History of Sufism in India: Vol. II: From Sixteenth Century to Modern Times: Ro. 548p. 2002 Saiyid Athar Abbas Rizvi 600 ISL  
817069096X Indian Islam: A religious history of Islam in India: Dy. 316p. 1979 Murray T. Titus 200 ISL  
8121500273 Indian Muslims: Dy. 590p. 1995 M. Mujeeb 400 ISL  
8170690978 Islam: Beliefs and Institutions: trans. From the French by E. Denison Ross Dy. 266p. 1979 H. Lammens 175 ISL  
8170690226 Islam in India ir the Qanun-i-Islam: The customs of the Musalmans of India Cn. 414p. 26 b&w ills. 1972 Ja'far Sharif 175 ISL  
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8121504945 The Isma'illis: Their History and Doctrine: Ro. 750p. With 20 b&w ills. 1990 Farhad Daftary 800 ISL  
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812150077X Muslim Communities in Gujarat: Preliminary studies in their history and social organization Ro. 223p. 1985 Satish C. Misra 200 ISL  
8170691001 The Muslim Creed: Its Genesis and Historical Development: Dy. 316p. 1979 A.J. Wensinck 250 ISL  
8121501962 Muslim Political Thought and Administration: Dy. 228p. 1981 H.K. Sherwani 175 ISL  
8121505909 Muslim Revivalist Movements in Northern India in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: Dy. 520p. 1995 Saiyid Athar Abbas Rizvi 450 ISL  
8121508304 Muslim Society in Northern India during the Eighteenth Century: Dy. 705p. 1998 Muhammad Umar 650 ISL  
8121508525 Seven Doors to Islam: Spirituality and the religious life of Muslims Dy. 349p. With 38 b&w ills. 1998 John Renard 475 ISL  
8170691060 The Shi'a of India: Ro. 454p. 1979 John Norman Hollister 300 ISL  
0000000108 Society and State in Islam: Dy. 254p. 1978 Hasan Askari 150 ISL  
8121503418 Sufi Thought: Its development in Punjab and its impact on Punjabi literature from Baba Farid to AD 1850 Dy. 312p. 1998 S.R. Sharda 300 ISL  
8121507405 Sufis of Bijapur 1300-1700: Social roles of Sufis in medieval India Dy. 392p. With 14 b&w ills. 1996 Richard Maxwell 550 ISL  
8121508835 Windows on the House of Islam: Muslim sources on spirituality and religious life Ro. 451p. With 66 b&w ills. 1999 John Renard 675 ISL  
8121509300 A Comprehensive History of Jainism: 2 vols. Rev. and enl. Edn. 2000 Dy. (for the set) Vol. I: From the Earliest beginning to AD 1000 331p. Vol II: AD 1000-1600 305p. Asim Kumar Chatterjee 950 JAIN  
8121503124 Christian and Oriental Philosophy of Art:  Dy. 146p. 1994 Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 150 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121503620 The Civilizations of the East: India:  Ro. 414p. With 249 b&w ills.1969 Rene Grousset 400 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121507073 Copper and its Alloys in Ancient India:  Ro. 240p. With maps and line drawings 1996 Dilip K. Chakrabarti and Nayanjot Lahiri 475 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121501148 The Culture and Art of India:  Ro. 468p. With 54 b&w ills. 1984 Radhakamal Mukerjee 450 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
0000000003 Depicted Deities. Painter's Model Books in Nepal: 100p. Illustrated 1989 DG 65* M.L.B. Blom 1648 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121500699 The Development of Hindu Iconography: Ro. 692p. With 49 b&w ills. 5th Edition. 2002 Jitendra Nath Banerjea 895 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121507367 Discourse in Early Buddhist Art: Visual Narratives of India Dy. 4t. 344p. With 201 b&w ills. And 61 line drawings 1997 Vidya Dehejia 1500 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
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0000000004 Ear Ornaments of Ancient India: Dy. 4t. 320p. With 340 colour, 80 b&w ills. 1989 M.Postel 2000 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121507235 Early Buddhist Art of Bodh-Gaya: Cn. 4t.88p. With 56 b&w ills. 1997 Kalyan Kumar Chakravarty 450 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121505186 Early Indian Architecture-Cities and City Gates etc. : Dy. 4t. 33p. With 42 b&w ills. 2002 Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 225 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI  
8121504457 The Doctrine of Liberation in Indian Religion: with special reference to Jainism Dy. 232p. 2000 Muni Shivkumar 375 JAIN  
8121500583 An Epitome of Jainism: Dy. 242p. 1987 K.B. Jindal 200 JAIN  
8121505534 Gender & Salvation: Jaina debates on the spiritual liberation of women Ro. 259p. 1992 Padmanabh S. Jaini 300 JAIN  
8121501229 The Heart of Jainism: with an intro. By rev. G.P. Taylor Dy. 360p. 1995 Sinclair Stevenson 250 JAIN  
8121508878 Jain Philosophy: Historical Outline: Dy. 284p. Rev. and enl. Edn. 1999 Narendra Nath Bhattacharyya 425 JAIN  
8121505399 Jaina Art: Cn. 4t. 120p. With 65 b&w and 5 four-colour ills. 1994 Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 350 JAIN  
8121501105 Life in Ancient India as Depicted in Jaina Canon and Commentaries 6th century BC to 17th century AD: Dy. 531p. Sec. Rev. and enl. Edn. 1984 Jagdishchandra Jain 350 JAIN  
8121504333 Perspective in Jaina Philosophy and Culture: Executive ed. Ro. With 24 b&w ills. 1985 Kamal Chand Sogani 200 JAIN  
8121503191 Religion: Practice and Science of Non-Violence: Dy. 136p. 1976 O.P. Jaggi 100 JAIN  
8121504511 Some Aspects of Jainism in Eastern India: Dy. 152p. With 28 ills. 1990 Pranabhananda Jash 150 JAIN  
8121502446 The Adi Granth or the Holy Scripture of the Sikhs: translated into English Dy. 4t. 866p. 1997 Ernest Trumpp 750 SIKH  
8121505720 Advent of Sikh Religion: A socio-political perspective Dy. 271p. 1993 Sunita Puri 250 SIKH  
8121500168 The Concept of Man in Sikhism: Dy. 160p. 2001 Lajwanti Lahori 225 SIKH  
8121505402 History of the Sikhs: (for the set) ( This Work is complete in 5 Volumes) Hari Ram Gupta 2050 SIKH  
8121502764 History of the Sikhs: Vol. I: The Sikh Gurus 1469-1708: Dy. 462p. With 4 maps 2000 Hari Ram Gupta 400 SIKH  
8121502489 History of the Sikhs: Vol. II: Evolution of Sikh Confederacies: Dy. 401p. With 2 maps and 2 ills. 1999 Hari Ram Gupta 350 SIKH  
8121502136 History of the Sikhs: Vol. III: Sikh Domination of the Mughal Empire: Dy. 422p. With 3 maps 2000 Hari Ram Gupta 350 SIKH  
8121501652 History of the Sikhs: Vol. IV: The Sikh Commonwealth or Rise and Fall of the Misis: Dy. 580p. With 4 maps 2001 Hari Ram Gupta 450 SIKH  
8121505151 History of the Sikhs: Vol. V: The Sikh Lion of Lahore(Maharaja Ranjit Singh, 1799-1839): Dy. 644p. 1999 Hari Ram Gupta 500 SIKH  
8121502691 Japuji: The Immortal Prayer-Chant: A new English rendering notes and commentary alongwith the original text in Roman trans. Dy. 168p. 1977 Gurbachan Singh Talib 125 SIKH  
8121500648 The Life and Ideals of Guru Gobind Singh: Dy. 156p. 1986 Surindar Singh Kohli 125` SIKH  
8121502748 Outlines of Sikh Thought: Dy. 144p. Sec. Rev. edn. 1977 Surindar Singh 100 SIKH  
812150144X Philosophical Foundations of Sikh Value System: Dy. 140p. 1983 Santokh Singh 100 SIKH  
0000000110 Safarnama and Zafarnama: Being an account of Guru Gobind Singh and the epistle of moral victory written by him to Aurangzeb, trans. Into English by Joginder Singh Dy. 326p. 1985 Giani Ishar Singh Nara 200 SIKH  
8121503027 Sikh Ethics: Dy. 96p. 1996 Surindar Singh Kohli 85 SIKH  
8121501490 The Sikh Gurus and the Sikh Religion: Dy. 374p. 1983 Anil Chandra Banerjee 250 SIKH  
8121503035 The Sikh Gurus and the Sikh Society: Dy. 156p. Sec. Rev. and enl. Edn. 1975 Niharranjan Ray 125 SIKH  
8121508479 Sikh Predictions: (Based on all relavent texts) Dy. 140p. 1998 Surindar Singh Kohli 175 SIKH  
812150581X Essentials of Modern Literary Tibetan: A reading course and reference grammar with Gelek Rimpoche and Lobsang Phuntshog Dy. 516p. 1993 Melvyn C. Goldstein 400 TIBETSTU  
8121509335 The People of Tibet: Dy. Ro. 339p. With 75 b&w ills. 2 maps 2001 Charles Bell 350 TIBETSTU  
8121509440 Portrait of a Dalai Lama: The life and times of the Great Thirteenth Dy. 414p. With halftones 2000 Charles Bell 495 TIBETSTU  
812150984X The Tibetan Book of the Dead: Dy. 292p. With 6 b&w ills. 2000 (PB) W.Y. Evans-Wentz 300 TIBETSTU  
812150970X The Tibetan Book of Great Liberation: Dy. 315p. With 9 b&w ills. 2000 (PB) W.Y. Evans-Wentz 325 TIBETSTU  
8121509734 Tibet's Great Yogi Milarepa: Dy. 340p. With 3 b&w ills. 2000 (PB) W.Y. Evans-Wentz 325 TIBETSTU  
0000000111 Tibetan Painted Scrolls: An artistic and symbolic illustration of 172 Tibetan Paintings preceded by a survey of the historical,artistic,literary and religious development of Tibetan culture. 3 vols.(34.3x45cms)Large vols. 794p.(text)&256p.full page plates Giuseppe Tucci 19425 TIBETSTU  
8121509963 Tibetan and Buddhist Studies: ed. Commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Alexander Csoma De Koros 2 vols. Ro. 827p. 2000 (for the set) Louis Ligeti 1600 TIBETSTU  
8121501083 A Tibetan Eye-view of Indian Philosophy: Being English trans. Of a portion from Thu'ubkwan's bio-bzang-chos-kyi-nyi-mi's Gurumatha with intro. And notes Dy. 227p. 1984 Kewal Krishan Mittal 200 TIBETSTU  
8121509696 Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines: Dy. 413p. With 9 b&w ills. 2000 (PB) W.Y. Evans-Wentz 350 TIBETSTU  
0000000112 Abhinavagupta's Philosophy of Revelation: An edited and annotated translation of Malinisiokavarttika I, 1-399 200p. 1998 Jurgen Hanneder 2678 RELnPHIL/PHILofSCI  
8170690935 The Adyatma Ramayana: Dy. 240p. 1979 Baij Nath 125 SANSLIT  
8121506077 The Ancillary Literature of the Atharvaveda: A study with special reference to the Parisistas Dy. 570p. 1993 B.R. Modak 300 SANSLIT  
8121501296 Anubhutiprakasa: Cn. 192p. 1983 Vidyaranya 100 SANSLIT  
8121509866 The Astronomical Code of the Rgveda: Ro. 216p. 2000 Subhash Kak 375 SANSLIT  
0000000113 Asvina in the Rgveda and other Indological Essays: with an intro. By Dr. V. Raghavan Dy. 462p. 1978 G.C. Jhala 300 SANSLIT  
8121501725 The Atharvaveda: Sanskrit text with English trans. Ro. 949p. 1999 Devi Chand 650 SANSLIT  
8121502454 The Avadhootagita: with English trans. And ed. By Dr. Shankar Mokashi Punekar Dy. 208p. 1979 Shree Purohit Swami 150 SANSLIT  
0000000114 The Bakhshali Manuscript: An Ancient Indian Mathematical Treatise: 608p. 1995 T. Hayashi 5408 SANSLIT  
8121509793 Balambhatti: ed.Being a commentary by Balambhatta Payagunda on the Mitaksara of Sri Vijneswara on the Yajnavalkyasmrti,preface by Prof. Albrecht Wezler 3 vols. Ro.2000(for the set)Vol I:Acharadhyaya740p.Vol.II:Vyavaharadhyaya372p.Vol.III:Prayascittadhyaya J.R. Gharpure 2100 SANSLIT  
812150354X Banabhatta: A Literary Study: Dy. 255p. 1968 Neeta Sharma 150 SANSLIT  
8121501733 Baudhayana Srauta Sutra: Belonging to the Taittiriya Samhita, with new appendix containing many text improvements 3 vols. (bd. In 2) Dy. 1368p. 1982 ed. W. Caland 850 SANSLIT  
8121503558 Bhasa: A Study: Dy. 637p. 1967 A.D. Pusalker 450 SANSLIT  
8121503523 Bhasa's Balacharitam: Dy. 195p. With ills. 1959 S.R. Sehgal 150 SANSLIT  
8121502829 Bhattoji Diksita: His Contribution to Sanskrit Grammar: Dy.188p. 1976 Suryakant Bali 150 SANSLIT  
812150032X The Brahma Sutras and Their Principal Commentaries: 3 vols. Dy. 1848p. 1986 B.N.K. Sharma 1200 SANSLIT  
8170690234 The Brihajjatakam of Varahamihira: Dy. 422p. 1979 Swami Vijnanananda alias Hari Prasanna Chatterjee 300 SANSLIT  
8121507103 The Buddhacharita or Acts of the Buddha: Sanskrit text and English translation 3 parts (bd. In 1) Dy. 653p. 1995 E.H.Johnston 350 SANSLIT  
8121501334 The Champubharata of Shrimad Anantkavi: Dy. 480p. 1983 Narayana Ram Acharya Kavyatirtha 200 SANSLIT  
8121509904 Composing a Tradition: Concepts, Technique and Relationships: ed. Proceedings of the first Debrovnik International Conference on the Sanskrit Epics and Puranas August 1997 Cn. 4t. 362p. 1999 (released in 2000) Mary Brockington and Peter Schreiner 800 SANSLIT  
0000000115 A Comprehensive History of Vedic Literature: Brahmana and Aranyaka Works: 1977 Cn. 4t. 362p. Satya Shrava 1000 SANSLIT  
817069034X Concept of Riti and Guna in Sanskrit Poetics in their Historical Development: Dy. 317p. 1974 P.C. Lahiri 200 SANSLIT  
8121501350 Dasakumaracaritam of Dandin: Along with four commentaries of Padadipika, Padachandrika, Bhushana and Laghudipika with reading and comments Dy. 286p. 1983 Narayana Ram Acharya Kavyatirtha 150 SANSLIT  
8121501369 The Dasavataracaritam of Ksemendra: Dy. 170p. 1983 Durgaprasad and Kasinath Pandurang Parab 150 SANSLIT  
8121501377 The Dhvanyaloka of Anandavardhanacharya: with commentary of Abhinavaguptacharya and rev. by Wasudev Laxman Sastri Pansikar Cn. 317p. 1998 Durgaprasad and Kasinath Pandurang Parab 175 SANSLIT  
8121509750 The Epigrams Attributed to Bhartrhari: with a foreword by Acharya Jinavijaya Muni and a preface by Prof. Albrecht Wezler Ro. 344p. 2000 D.D. Kosambi 650 SANSLIT  
8121503698 Essays on Sanskrit Literature: Dy. 280p. 1965 Sadhu Ram 100 SANSLIT  
8121505232 Essence of the Exact Reality or Paramarthasara of Abhinavagupta: Dy. 92p. 1991 B.N. Pandit 100 SANSLIT  
8121502098 Exposition of Vedic Thought: Dy. 428p. 1980 Satyavrata Siddhantalankar 250 SANSLIT  
8185636338 Gautamiyanyayadarsana with Bhasya of Vatsyayana: ed. Ro. 388p. 1997 Anantalal Thakur 460 SANSLIT  
8121507340 The Gheranda Samhita: Sanskrit text with English trans. Ro. 68p. 2003 Srisa Chandra Vasu 90 SANSLIT  
812150175X Gobhilagrhyasutram: with Bhattanarayana's commentary,critically ed. From original manuscripts with notes, indices and an intro. By Vanamali Vedantatirtha Dy. 976p. 1982 Chintamani Bhattacharya 750 SANSLIT  
8121501717 Grihya-Sutra by Paraskar: with five commentaries of Karka Upadhyaya,Jayaram,Harihar,Gadadhar and Vishvanath as well as appendices called Vapyadipratishtha Kandika Sutra with Harihar Bhasya and Shradha Sutra with 3 commentaries by Karka  ed. Ro.556p.1982 Mahadeva Gangadhar Bakre 500 SANSLIT  
8121505755 The Hatha Yoga Pradipika: Sanskrit text with English trans. Ro. 76p. 2001 Pancham Sinh 90 SANSLIT  
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0000000127 Ashvagosha: The awakening the Faith: trans. edited with an Introduction Alan Hull Walton Timothy Richards   Forthcoming  
0000000128 Asoka as Depicted in His Edicts Kanai Lal Hazra   Forthcoming  
8121510511 The Astadhyayi of Panini (set 81-215-0051-6) Vol. VI: Adhyayas Seven and Eight, English trans. with explanatory notes, appendix and Indices Ro. 846p. 2002 Rama Nath Sharma 1800 LANG,LITnLING  
0000000130 Bengali Reference Grammar William Smith   Forthcoming  
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0000000132 Brain, Mind and Consciousness Sarasvati Chennakesavan   Forthcoming  
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0000000134 Buddhist Birth Stories (Jataka Tales) T.W. Rhys Davids   Forthcoming  
0000000135 Builders of Indian Philosophy Series: ed. (Forthcoming volumes feature following philosophers: R.D. Ranade, B.G. Tilak, P.N. Srinivasachari, J. Krishnamurti) R. Balasubramanian   Forthcoming  
0000000136 Calukya Architecture: with 1200 b&w ills. Gerard Foekema   Forthcoming  
0000000137 Celebration of Life: Dance Gestures and Emotions Nita Mathur   Forthcoming  
0000000138 Companion to North Indian Classical Music S.K.S. Chib   Forthcoming  
0000000139 The Concept of Mind in Indian Philosophy Sarasvati Chennakesavan   Forthcoming  
0000000140 The Dasam Granth: English trans. Surinder Singh Kohli   Forthcoming  
0000000142 Divine Songs of Sage Poet Ramprasad Shyamal Banerjee   Forthcoming  
0000000143 Drama in Sanskrit Literature Adya Rangacharya   Forthcoming  
8121510287 Origin and Growth of Feudalism in Early India from the Mauryas to AD 650 Dy. 180p. 2002 Gian Chand Chauhan 375 HIST,CULnPOL  
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8121510252 Expressions of Politeness and Gratitude: Towards a General Theory. Dy. 155p. 2001 Ibha Kumar 325 LANG,LITnLING  
0000000147 Fundamentals of Advaita Vedanta K. Narain   Forthcoming  
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0000000149 Glimpses of Indian Engineering and Technology R.P. Kulkarni   Forthcoming  
0000000150 Great Men and Women from Puranas Kolar Krishan Iyer   Forthcoming  
0000000151 Hinduism and its Sources M. Monier-Williams   Forthcoming  
0000000152 History of Ancient Indian Sciences: Vol. II: Development of Agrarian Science and Technology Vol III: Development of Veterinary Sciences L.P. Pandey   Forthcoming  
0000000153 History of Sanskrit Philology E. Windisch, trans. from German by Bhaskara Jha   Forthcoming  
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