Indology means "The knowledge about India" or "The Wisdom of India.".
The dictionary meaning for the term "Indology" is "study of India and its people."

India happens to be like any other country of this world physically, but in terms of spirituality, philosophy and culture, it holds its own unique authenticity. India happens to be such a bonafide country that people around the world, despite of holding the citizenship and passports of their respective countries, love to consider themselves as "Indians". They relate themselves as Indians, by identifying with the philosophical, and spiritual nature of India, which is not bound by the physical territory alone.

Indology deals with the different philosophical systems and their scriptures, such as The Vedas, The Upanishads, The Ramayana, The Mahabharata, The Bhagwad Geeta, The Puranas, and similar scriptures written by other sages and philosophers.
The scriptures of India are divided into two main categories:
Shruti: This never changes with the time.
Smriti: This changes from time to time, depending upon the circumstances.
Both these scriptures have their own respective identity and importance, and we, are going to deal with them in our website called

Indology is neither a subject for Indian citizens alone, nor does it belong to any specific group of people or religion, it rather relates itself with the topics that are benefiting the entire universe and would continue doing so, till the existence of The Sun and The Moon.