We would like to specify that indologist.com is purely an information and service portal.
Indologist.com site will benefit people who are already engaged in the study of wisdom of India in forms of teaching, writing and research, and for people who have no knowledge about Indology, but are interested in learning this subject.
As we say gCuriosity is the foundation for KNOWLEDGEh
We have included in this site, books from different publishers around the world;
Explanation of related topics spoken by different indologists or scholars in the form of Audiocassettes and CDs;
Related Dramas, movies, T.V serials telecasted by different channels around the world in the form of Videos or DVDs.
Research papers, information and journals etc that are printed periodically by related magazines or newspapers.
We are in a process of including educational information on the recognized institutions, and universities teaching Indology in the different parts of this world.
We are also trying to put the pictures in the form of posters and post cards with illustrations on Indological subjects.

We sincerely request all our friends who are going through this website to come up with suggestions for its betterment and a benefit to the entire mankind.
Please present forward your feedback through our suggestion box and E-mail as per your convenience.
We will gladly accept your valuable suggestions, irrespective of how minor you may feel them to be.
We plan to update this portal now-and-then, with the co-operation of all our friends and well wishers.
Future Enhancement:
1. Plugging Videoconference to our site for sharing Indological concepts across the world.
2. On line free books for people who need to refer as dictionary or Encyclopedia.

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