Motilal Banarsi Das
the largest bookstore on Indology, from the oldest Publishing House in India: MLBD

Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers
Munshiram Manoharlal is one of the leading publishers of books on Social Sciences and Humanities with a particular emphasis on Indology since 1952.

Richa Prakashan
A collection of very attractive books on mythology.....
Their books are the most popular in the leading stores of Delhi.

Penguin Books

Very popular collection and the printing is very neat.....

UBS Publishers
They are no. three in the list of popularity, after Motilal, Munshiram...comes their name.

Sundeep Prakashan
Not very popular but have a good collection

Pilgrims Books House
Their catalogue itself seems to be like 2-3 dollars....A Nepal based company, with office in Varanasi and Delhi......
Their books are popular in Buddhism, they have a few titles on philosophy, but all are attractive.

Indus Books
Their collection on The Himalayan range is very attractive,,,,,like Temple Architecture of the Western Himalaya etc.....

Asian Educational Services
Their collection is not very popular, but the authors are known.......