The Structure and Meaning of Badarayanafs Brahma Sutras
A Translation & Analysis of Adhyaya

By: George C. Adams
(90931-9) Rs. 150
Code: Art Int: 120001

With the comm. Bhasya-Ratna-Prabha of Govindananda Bhamati Vacaspatimishra Nyaya-Nirnaya in Anandagari (Sanskrit Text)

By: J.L Shastri
(0526-7) P Rs. 445
Code: Art Int: 120002

Doctrines of Smkararbhasya and Bhaskarbhasya on Brahmasutra
By: Kumudini
Rs. 500
Code: Art Int: 120003

The Brahma sutras and their Principal Commentaries
In 3 Volumes

By: B.N.K Sharma
(81-215-0032-X) Rs. 1200
Code: Art Int: 120004

Bhaktisutras of Narada
By: Nanda Lal Sinha
(81-215-0826-6) Rs. 90
Code: Art Int: 120005

Sandilyasutram With the commentary of Svapanesvara
By: Nanda Lal Sinha
(81-215-0827-4) Rs. 150
Code: Art Int: 120006

A Commentary in Sanskrit on Brahma sutras of Badarayana In 2 Volumes

By: Pancanana Tarkaratna
(ISBN: 81-7110-029-5) Rs. 200
Code: Art Int: 120007

Brahma sutra Sankarabhasya
With three commentaries in Sanskrit gBhamatih of vacaspati Misra, gParimalah of Appayyadiksita and gKalpataruh of Amalananda Sarasvati, Introduction in English by Dr. E.A Soloman Set in 2 Volumes

By: Ed: K.L Joshi
(ISBN 81-7110-078-3) Rs. 400
Code: Art Int: 120008

The Kavyalankara Sutras of vamana
By: Ganganath Jha
(235-8) Rs. 140
Code: Art Int: 120009