The Hindu Pantheon

Encyclopedia of Indian Heritage Descriptive
Work of Ideological Research in Philosophy, Religion, Sacred Literature, Society, Thought, Tradition & Ancient Sciences in 90 Volumes

By: Subodh Kapoor
(ISBN 81-7755-211-2) Rs. 125000
Code: Art Int: 110001

The Indian Encyclopedia
Biographical, Historical, Religious, Administrative, Ethnological, Commercial & Scientific in 25 Volumes

By: Subodh Kapoor
(ISBN 81-7755-257-0) Rs. 40000
Code: Art Int: 110002

Companion Encyclopedia of Hindu Philosophy
An exposition of the principle religio-philosophical systems & an examination of different schools of thought

By: Subodh Kapoor
(ISBN 8107755-203-1) Rs. 1750
Code: Art Int: 110003

Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophers
Philosophers, Saints, Sages, Thinkers, Acharyas, Rishis & great Religious Leaders (From Vedic to modern times) Set In 9 Volumes

By: Subodh Kapoor
(ISBN 81-7755-289-9) Rs. 11500
Code: Art Int: 110004

Encyclopedia of Vedic Philosophy
The age, Literature, Religion, Pantheon, Philosophy, Traditions & Teachers of the Vedas Set in 9 Volumes

By: Subodh Kapoor
(ISBN 81-7755-290-2) Rs. 11500
Code: Art Int: 110005

Encyclopedia of Upanishads & its Philosophy
An exposition of the fundamental concepts, history, philosophy, teaching, doctrines & the system of Upanishads Set in 5 Volumes

By: Subodh Kapoor
(ISBN 81-7755-291-0) Rs. 7500
Code: Art Int: 110006

Encyclopedia of Vedanta Philosophy
Set of 5 Volumes

By: Subodh Kapoor
(ISBN 81-7755-292-9) Rs. 7500
Code: Art Int: 110007

Encyclopedia of Hinduism
Set in 5 Volumes

By: Subodh Kapoor
(ISBN 81-7755-030-6) Rs. 15000
Code: Art Int: 110008

Encyclopedia of Indian Mysticism
Set in 12 Volumes

By: Sadhu Santideva
(ISBN 81-7020-930-7) Rs. 16500
Code: Art Int: 110009

Hindu Manners, Customs & Ceremonies
Set in 2 Volumes

By: Abbe. J.A Dubois
(ISBN 81-7020-927-7) Rs. 850
Code: Art Int: 110010

Indian Life, Religious & Social Cults, Customs & Superstitions of India
By: J.C Oman
(ISBN 81-7020-955-2) Rs. 495
Code: Art Int: 110011

Gods of India
A brief description of their History, Character & Worship

By: E. Osborn Martin
(ISBN 81-7020-701-0) Rs. 495
Code: Art Int: 110012

Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education
Set in 2 Volumes

By: Paul Monroe
(ISBN 81-7755-095-0) Rs. 4200
Code: Art Int: 110013

Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Indian Religion
Set in 2 Volumes

By: Sadhu Santinath
(ISBN 81-7755-074-8) Rs. 3000
Code: Art Int: 110014

The Vedic philosophy
An exposition of the sacred and mysterious Monosyllable AUM

By: Har Narayana
(ISBN 81-7020-971-4) Rs. 325
Code: Art Int: 110015

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Hinduism
Itfs Mythology, Religion, History, Literature & Pantheon

By: Subodh Kapoor
(ISBN 81-7755-036-5) Rs. 1950
Code: Art Int: 110016

Doctrine of Hindu mysticism
By: Sadhu Shantideva
(ISBN 81-7020-992-7) Rs. 795
Code: Art Int: 110017

Introduction to Indian Mysticism
By: Sadhu Santideva
(ISBN 81-7020-993-5) Rs. 795
Code: Art Int: 110018

Mysticism in Upanishads
By: Sadhu Santideva
(ISBN 81-7020-995-1) Rs. 895
Code: Art Int: 110019

A Popular Dictionary on Hinduism
By: Karel Werner
Rs. 250
Code: Art Int: 110020

Puranic Encyclopedia
A comprehensive Dictionary with special Reference to the epic and Puranic literature

By: Vettam Mani
(1273-5) Rs. 1250
Code: Art Int: 110021

Upanishad Vakya Mahakosha
Prepared from 223 Upanishads in 2 Volumes

By: Gajanan Shambhu Sandhale
Rs. 750
Code: Art Int: 110022

A Vedic Concordance
By: Maurice Bloomfield
(0654-9) Rs. 1200
Code: Art Int: 110023

A Dictionary of the Vedic Rituals
Based on the Srauta& Grhya Sutras

By: Chitrabhanu Sen
Rs. 400
Code: Art Int: 110024

A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary
With Transliteration, accentuation & etymological analysis throughout

By: Arthur A. MacDonnell
(81-7304-303-5) Rs. 550
Code: Art Int: 110025

Sanskrit-English Dictionary
Etymological & Philologically arranged with special reference to cognate Indo-European languages, new edition greatly enlarged & improved

By. Monier Williams
(81-215-0200-4) Rs. 850
Code: Art Int: 110026

Index to history of Dharamshastra by Pandurang Vaman Kane
Comprehensive guide to Hindu Rites & Rituals

By: Krishan Lal Khera
(81-215-0762-6) Rs. 325
Code: Art Int: 110027

Hindu World:
An Encyclopedic Survey of Hinduism in 2 Volumes

By: Benjamin Walker
(81-215-0140-0) Rs. 850
Code: Art Int: 110028

A Dictionary of Indian Mythology
By: Narendra Nath Bhattacharya
(81-215-0862-2) Rs. 795
Code: Art Int: 110029

Critical Word-Index to the Bhagavad-Gita
By: Prahlad C. Divanji
(81-215-0545-3) Rs. 450
Code: Art Int: 110030

A Classical Dictionary of India
Illustrative of the Mythology, Philosophy, Literature, Antiquities, Arts, Manners, Customs & c. of the Hindus

By: John Garrett
(81-246-0128-3) Rs. 350
Code: Art Int: 110031

An Encyclopedia of Religions
By: M.A Canney
(ISBN 81-7081-024-8) Rs. 200
Code: Art Int: 110032

An Encyclopedia of the Hindu Deities, Demigods, Godlings, Demons & Heroes
With a special focus on Iconographic attributes in 3 Volumes

By: Fredrick W. Bunce
(ISBN 81-246-0145-3) HB Rs. 6250
Code: Art Int: 110033

A Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology & Religion Geography, History & Literature
By: John Dawson
(ISBN 81-246-0108-9) PB Rs. 100
Code: Art Int: 110034

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