At play with Krishna Pilgrimage Dramas from Brindavan
By: John Stratton Hawley
(0945-9) Rs. 250
Code: Art Int: 3001

Chandi Path
(Also known as Durga Saptasati, The Seven Hundred Verses in praise of she who removes all difficulties and the Devi Mahatyam, the Glory of the Goddess)

By: Satyananda Saraswati
(1307-3) Rs. 175
Code: Art Int: 3002

Concept of Rudra Shiva through the ages
By: Mahadeva Chakravarti
(0053-2) Rs. 275
Code: Art Int: 3003

The Cult of Vinayaka
By Shantilal Nagar
Rs. 750
Code: Art Int: 3004

Devi: The Goddess of India
By John S. Hawlley
(1492-4) P Rs. 195
Code: Art Int: 3005

Devi Gita
By: Satyanand Saraswati
(Shortly) (1386-3)
Code: Art Int: 3006

Devi Mahatmya: The crystallization of the Goddess Tradition
By: Thomas B.Coburn
(0557-7) Rs. 325
Code: Art Int: 3007

Ganesa: Unraveling an Enigma
By: Yuvraj Krishan
(1413-4) Rs. 695
Code: Art Int: 3008

Hindu Goddess: Vision of the divine feminine in the Hindu religious tradition
By: David Kinsley
(0394-9) P Rs. 125
Code: Art Int: 3009

Hyms of Shankara
By: T.M.P Mahadevan
(0097-4) P Rs. 125
Code: Art Int: 3010

Kali: The Black Goddess of Dakshineshwar
By: Elizabeth U. Harding
(1450-9) Rs. 195
Code: Art Int: 3011

Kali Puja
By: Satyanand Saraswati
(1480-0) Rs. 160
Code: Art Int: 3012

The Lalita Cult
By: V.R. Ramachandra Dikshitar
(1498-3) P Rs. 95
Code: Art Int: 3013

Loving Ganesa: Hinduism's Endearing Elephant Faced God
By: Sadguru Sivaya Subramaniyaswami
(1506-8) Rs. 495
Code: Art Int: 3014

Maya In Shankara
By: L. Thomas O'Neil
Code: Art Int: 3015

The Divine Consort: Radha and the Goddesses of India
By: J.S. Hawley
(0940-8) Rs. 325
Code: Art Int: 3016

The Face of God
By: Yogi Mahajan
(1590-4) Rs. 250
Code: Art Int: 3017

Hindu Goddessess: Vision of the Divine Feminine in the Hindu Religious tradition
By: David Kinsley
(0394-9) Rs. 125
Code: Art Int: 3018

Hitopadesa of Narayana By: M.R.Kale
(0602-6) Rs. 85
Code: Art Int: 3019

The Book on Hindu imagery (Gods, Manifestations and their meaning)
By: Eva Rudy Jansen
Rs. 150
Code: Art Int: 3020

Balaji venkateshwara, Lord of Tirumala Tirupati.
By; Nanitha Krishna
Rs. 295
Code: Art Int: 3021

Dattaatreya: The Immortal Guru.
Yogin and Avtara. A study of the transformation and inclusive character of a Multi Faceted Hindu Diety
By: Antonio Rigopoulos
Rs. 300
Code: Art Int: 3022

Devi: The mother Goddess.
By: Devdutt pattanaik
Rs. 230
Code: Art Int: 3023

Durga Rahasya. A key to Eternal Feminine
By: Som Ranchan
Rs. 250
Code: Art Int: 3024

Ganesha: The Auspiciousc. The beginning
By: Shakuntala Jagannathan & Nanditha Krishna
Rs. 230
Code: Art Int: 3025

The Glory of the Divine Mother (Devimahatmyam)
By: S. sankaranarayanan
Rs. 300
Code: Art Int: 3026

Historical studies in the Cult of the goddess Manasa.
By: Pradyot Kumar Maity
Rs. 750
Code: Art Int: 3027

The Krsna Legend.
A New perspective, based on Critical & Comparative Study of Krishna Legend in The Brahmanical Puranas and non- Brahmanical Sources

By: Asha Goswami
Rs. 1600
Code: Art Int: 3028

Rise of the Goddess in the Hindu Tradition
By: Tracy Pintchman
Rs. 450
Code: Art Int: 3029

Sakti Cult in Orissa
By: Francesco Brighenti
Rs. 2400
Code: Art Int: 3030

Shiva: An Introduction
By: Devdutt Pattanaik
Rs. 225
Code: Art Int: 3031

The Universe that is God, An Insight into the thousand names of Lord Vishnu
By: I. Panduranga Rao
Rs. 590
Code: Art Int: 3032

Yama, The glorious God of the other World
By: Kusum Pradeep Merh
Rs. 340
Code: Art Int: 3033

The Heritage of Shankara
By: S.S Roy
(81-215-0162-8) Rs. 175
Code: Art Int: 3034

Dancing with Shiva: Hinduismfs contemporary Catechism
By: Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
(81-215-0751-0) Rs. 600
Code: Art Int: 3035

The divinity of Krishna
By: Noel Sheth S. J
(81-215-0119-9) Rs. 150
Code: Art Int: 3036

Ganesa: A Monograph on the Elephant Faced God
By: Alice Getty
(81-215-0377-X) Rs. 550
Code: Art Int: 3037

Ganesa: The Enchanter of the Three Worlds
By: Paul Martin-Dubost
Rs. 2200
Code: Art Int: 3038

The dance of Shiva: Fourteen Indian Essays with preface and Introduction
By: Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
(81-215-0153-9) Rs. 175
Code: Art Int: 3039

Indian Gods and Goddesses:
The early Hindu deities from chalcolithic to beginning of Historical period

By: Shantilal Nagar
Rs. 1200
Code: Art Int: 3040

Indian gods and goddesses: The Vedic Deities
By: Shantilal Nagar
Rs. 1500
Code: Art Int: 3041

Kamadevafs Pleasure garden: Orissa
By: Donaldson, Thomas
Rs. 2500
Code: Art Int: 3042

Domain Of Lord Jagannath: A Historical study
By: Das, Bikram
Rs. 200
Code: Art Int: 3043

By: Prof. Ram Karan Sharma
ISBN 81-7081-350-6 Rs. 300
Code: Art Int: 3044

Shankara: The revolutionary
By: M.N Krishnamani
Rs. 200
Code: Art Int: 3045

Lalitasahastranama (with commentary in English)
By: R. Prasad
ISBN- (81-7081-273-9) Rs. 59
Code: Art Int: 3046

Lalita Sahastranama
A comprehensive study of one thousand names of Lalita Maha Tripurasundari: with original Text in Sanskrit, Roman Transliteration & Critical Explanation of each name:

By: L.M. Joshi
ISBN 81-246-0104-6 (HB) Rs. 550
Code: Art Int: 3047

Indra and other Vedic deities: A euhemeristic study
By: Uma Chakravarty
ISBN 81-246-0080-5 (HB) Rs. 300
Code: Art Int: 3048