Vedic index of Names & Subjects
In 2 Volumes

By: A.A. MacDonnell & A.B Keith
(1331-6) Rs. 590
Code: Art Int: 8001

A Vedic Concordance
By: Maurice Bloomfield
(0654-9) Rs. 1200
Code: Art Int: 8002

Vedic Vrtra
A study & suggested Interpretation

By: A.K. Lahiri Rs. 150
Code: Art Int: 8003

Vedic Texts A revision
By: S.S Bahulkar
(0806-1) Rs. 200
Code: Art Int: 8004

Vedic Hymns
(SBE Vols. 32,46)

By: F.Max Mullar & H. Olden berg
Rs. 500
Code: Art Int: 8005

Vedic Experience
Mantramanjari (An Anthology of the Vedas for modern man & contemporary celebration)

By: Raimundu Panikkar
(1280-8) Rs. 595
Code: Art Int: 8006

Vedic Concept of Atman
By: A.S Ramanathan
Rs. 350
Code: Art Int: 8007

Vedas (An Essence)
By: Ashok Dilwali
Rs. 350

Code: Art Int: 8008

Sama Veda
(Text & English Translation)

By: S.V Ganapati
(1072-4) P Rs. 250
Code: Art Int: 8009

Rigveda Brahmans
The Aitareya & Kausitaki Brahmanas of the Rigveda (Eng. Trans)
By: A.B Keith
(1359-6) Rs. 575
Code: Art Int: 8010

Religion & Philosophy of the Veda & Upanishads
In 2 volumes
By: A.B Keith
(0644-1) Rs. 800
Code: Art Int: 8011

Hindu Spirituality: Vedas Through Vedanta
By: Krishan Sivaraman
(1254-3) Rs. 190
Code: Art Int: 8012

Heat & Sacrifice in The Vedas
By: Uma Marina Vesci
(0841-X) Rs. 200
Code: Art Int: 8013

Vedic Myth, Ritual & Philosophy
A study of dvaita Interpretation of Veda by Madhava

By: A.S Tiwari
Rs. 800
Code: Art Int: 8014

Primal Spirituality of the Vedas
Its Renewal & Renaissance

By: R. Balasubramanian
(81-215-0271-9) Rs. 260
Code: Art Int: 8015

A new approach to the Vedas
An essay in transition & exegesis

By: Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
(81-215-0630-1) Rs. 175
Code: Art Int: 8016

Vedic Mythopia
An approach to Vedic Religion, Myth & poetry

By: Dr. Usha Choudhuri
(ISBN 81-7081030-2) Rs. 70
Code: Art Int: 8017

Vedic Knowledge Directed Towards universal Welfare of Humanity
By: Acharya Vishnudeva pandit
(ISBN 81-7081-321-2) Rs. 80
Code: Art Int: 8018

Glimpses of Veda & Vyakarna
By: Devasthali, G.V
(233-6) Rs. 150
Code: Art Int: 8019

Vedic View of the Earth
A Geological insight into the Vedas

By: S.R.N Murthy
(ISBN 81-246-0091-0) HB Rs. 400
Code: Art Int: 8020

Vedic Religion & Culture
An Exposition of Distinct Facets

By: P.L Bhargava
(ISBN 81-246-0006-6) Rs. 160
Code: Art Int: 8021

Brahma-Veda Doctrine of Sri Vallabhacharya
By: G.V Tagare
(ISBN 81-246-0112-7) HB Rs. 170
Code: Art Int: 8022

Unveiling The Light in the Vedas
By: R.L Kashyap
Rs. 400
Code: Art Int: 8023

Veda & Torah
Transcending the Textuality of scripture

By: Barbara A, Holdridge
(533-0) Rs. 600
Code: Art Int: 8024

The limits of a Scripture
Vivekanandafs Reinterpretation of the Vedas

By: Anantanand Rambachan
(468-7) Rs. 270
Code: Art Int: 8025

Perception of The Vedas
This Volume opens a new vista of interpreting the Vedic lore.

By: Ananda K. Coomaraswami, Ed Vidya Niwas Mishra
(81-7304-254-3) Rs. 800
Code: Art Int: 8026